Sunday, 5 December 2010

Advent Swap - Day 5

It's been a really busy day today here in our household as today we put up our Christmas Tree. We have an artificial one (I do love real trees and plan to buy one for the garden!!) which takes quite a bit of time to get ready and I do get a little territorial with it. So my job is to get it ready branches fanned out nicely, pine cones on view and lights all over the tree and then it's over to the kids to decorate. Now in the past few years where the kids have been decorating I have been know to rearrange it once they've gone to bed But I am getting better and trying to teach them as they get older that you don't need to bunch three ornaments together but spread them out nicely...(do you get the picture - I'm not good at sharing my tree!!!). Well I have to say that all three of them did a brilliant job, well the boys enjoyed it more I think as Rachel was busy watching a film!!! and there weren't toooo many arguments along the way and only one smashed ornament (Tompom had a moment and threw it at the fireplace!!!) Having read other peoples comments about the christmas spirit whilst putting up your tree I think we did rather well!! It's nothing like in the films is it!!!

Here is the finished tree in all its glory - I'll let you know whether it was a good idea to put in in the living room in the next few days!!!

Right on to my advent swap - I 've had a couple of emails from Annie to say she love, love, loves her advent swap gifts that I put together for her (phew!!!) and she is going to blog about them soon so don't forget to take a peek.

In honour of the "putting up of the tree day" today I chose this.....

a beautiful music paper decoupaged star
what did you get today????
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  1. Ah what a fab advent pressie,and your tree looks lovely,we did the same today although our tree is rather on the slim side,but that didn't stop Angel 5 doing the same as yours hooking 3 things on one branch and me trying not to take over,ha ha it is lovely to see their faces,just watched Christmas story and cried from start to finish,he he,I must pop over to Rachel's to say Hi.beckyxx

  2. Love your tree! The advent star looks great too! :) x

  3. what great swap giftss so far!! love the box/shelf you sent too xx


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