Saturday, 4 December 2010

Advent Swap - Day 4

Another late post I'm afraid as I was busy trying to tidy my workshop as I have lots to make and do when the kids go back to school next week and we are also having major kitchen/house refurbishments going on during January and December which means it's going to be pretty chaotic to say the least.
Well it's Day 4 of the Advent Swap and this time I chose

Inside was this Angel perfume sample which if blogger had a scratch and sniff button you could all share, but it doesn't so you're just have to take my word for it that it smells gorgeous!!!

As most of you know my daughter Rachel now has a blog and many of you have popped over to say Hi, (thank you) well she is putting me to shame with her craftiness and her blogging, today whilst she was busy at the kitchen table making (there was lots of "Don't look now!" and "Don't come in!" so I'm guessing it was something for me!!!) she also had a little helper - Tompom - who after having glued enough sequins to put the Strictly dresses to shame

decided that what his glue stick needed was some dancing elephants.
I know it's not easy to see but he used a lot of concentration (tongue out!) putting those elephants into that blue glue stick!!!

I love the fact that they are all up the right way and facing outwards - genius! as Tompom would say.......

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  1. I don't need to scratch and sniff, Angel is my favourite perfume.
    Lucky yoy :o)

    B xxx

  2. Lucky you, I love Angel perfume! How cute is Tompom putting elephants on the glue stick! :) x

  3. Oh lucky lady my favourite perfume and my Angel 4 age 8 insists I spray his teddy with it before he goes to bed!I can never smell it on me but people always comment!Oh how sweet,little Tompom,Angel 5 has been busy today with felt pens and xmas stickers that have peely backs,but she too loves glue sticks,hehe,beckyxx


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