Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Egg Hunt Part 2

Those of you with older children will know that at Easter no matter how old they are they still enjoy taking part in Easter Egg Hunts and especially enjoy getting chocolate at the end, the only difficulty is finding an Easter Egg Hunt that is a little more taxing for them and isn't over in five minutes!!!
Last year we did
"Who Kidnapped the Easter Bunny?"I had to make up lots of rhyming clues and the kids had a whale of a time!!

So this year I wanted to do something a little different, okay I admit it I'd left it to the very last minute (I'd bought the eggs and rabbits ages ago but hadn't thought about what we would actually do!) so last night after hours of searching on the Internet I found an idea I quite liked the look of.


As you can see It involved those blank wooden jigsaws that you can buy from most craft shops (luckily I had several in my workshop - never was too sure what I was going to do with them!!!)
So I painted one yellow and one pink and then added a rhyming clue (unfortunately I didn't have one of those fancy 3d pens so ours are a little more homemade as I just used a permanent marker).

I then hid the jigsaw pieces all over the back garden and hid the chocolate in the front as I didn't want them finding the eggs before all the jigsaw pieces!!!

Off they went to hunt for their 28 (yes 28!!!) jigsaw pieces, some were hidden together some on their own so it was a bit of a test to see if they would work together are not, and work together they did handing over pieces to each other and pointing out places to search...
some up high

some down low

counting how many pieces

working together

getting warmer!!!

yes!!! we found them

one more here

finding the corners
piecing together

have you got all the pieces

well perhaps not all
I must have hidden some of the pieces really well as we couldn't find them all but it didn't stop the fun as the kids worked out where they needed to look to find their chocolate stash.

only one missing - but we do have the clue

rugby posts for Jack

arched window for Rachel

three happy children with chocolate to share!!!!
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  1. What a brilliant idea, At the moment there are still 4 eggs missing in our garden..... at least this way you don't miss out on the chocolates!
    Sue Xx

  2. what a great idea, love it! May have to steal that idea next year :-) x

  3. What a lovely idea, one I will probably steal if I never need to organise and egg hunt!


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