Thursday, 28 April 2011

The journey starts here...

Tompom started pre-school on Wednesday and he has been so excited about starting school just like his big brother and sister.

This is him heading off to school in the morning.

He had a brilliant time and only got a little tearful once, his tears soon dried after he enjoyed a street party snack time outside and lots of outside games and fun.
For Paul and I it was the longest 3 hours with Paul phoning at half ten just to check he was okay!!! And sending me off far to early for the drive to pick him up, which meant that I had a little time for some photography and I just had to share this photo of these topiary rabbits that were in the gardens of the lovely country home that is across the road from Tompom's pre-school.

How fab of they!!!!
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  1. gosh, I remember that feeling as if it were yesterday (oli is almost 21 now!). you'll soon get used to it, but doesn't he look a big boy trotting off with his backpack, aaaawwww!
    joy xx

  2. What a lovely pick of him going off to school - so cute :) x

  3. ah, he looks so cute with his little back pack on. Those rabbits are fab! x

  4. How cute is that child! I had a little redhead like him with a full head of very curly locks...he`s nearly 30 now and would give anything to have his hair, which he always hated, back on top of his head!Memories indeed!


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