Friday, 8 April 2011

Spring Makes Me Sing Swap Goodies

Still seem to be blipping rather than blogging at the moment but I was thrilled with every one's comments on my up cycled bookcase and I love the fact that you were all interested in my little window, we have two of these windows, one in the hall and one in the downstairs loo, and I feel that i shall have to post some more pictures soon to show all the little character parts of our home as well as finally posting some pictures of the kitchen, especially as it's the turn of the bathroom makeover next so I'd better get a move on......

Right back to swap goodies......

I was partnered with the lovely Country Girl over at My Life on the East Coast for the
 Spring Makes me Sing Swap organized by Jackie at Sew Special Bears.

 Country Girl and I have been partners before in another swap and amazingly as neither of us are any good at email housekeeping we still had each others contact details from the last swap so that made things nice and easy. After a couple of emails to find out what makes each of us sing about Spring we were off putting together our swap parcels.

Below is a collage of what Country Girl put together for me and it definitely made me sing!!!!
You can click on the photo for a larger image.

All the packages were wrapped in yellow and green tissue and crepe papers and tied with ribbons, what I love about this is that it's all part of the swap and its a gift in its self as it can all be recycled sometime in the future.
The pretty tin containing the chocolate buttons (obviously the buttons have now all been eaten) is going to be put to good use in my workshop/sewing room and it's definitely going on display as its far to pretty for hidden storage!
The red chicken ribbon has prompted me to buy the same red chicken fabric on ebay (which has been in my watch list for ages) and I shall make something chickeny for my kitchen.
The daisy magnetic pegs have been hidden from my daughter as I know that she would have grabbed those as soon as she saw them and again they will be put to good use in my workshop.
I can see now how easy it is to become a CK fan as the hand cream smell delicious and the buttons are just so pretty and well presented.
I am trying to be a bit more green fingered this year and was wanting to get the children more involved and these sunflower seeds will come in very handy for our sunflower growing competition.
I just love the crochet purse, the green is just the right shade and the flowers so bright and cheerful. I am in the process of making myself a new bag to hold my camera and purse etc and will use the crochet purse as extra storage when it's finished.

So now it just leaves me to say a big thank you to Country Girl for being a fantastic swap partner I've been thoroughly spoiled (again) and another big thank you to Jackie for organizing the swap.

Thanks girls!!!!!

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