Saturday, 16 April 2011

What did we do before......

we had the Internet!!!!

Our computer crashed a few days ago and had to be carted off to the computer hospital.
It made me realise how much we all need and use the computer and the Internet but also how much time I spend wittering away the hours searching for this, buying that, researching, blogging, reading, facebooking. I've managed to complete several more rows of my ripple blanket and have spent almost all day in the garden achieving much more than usual as I haven't had to pop indoors for a cup of tea and a quick browse!!!!
I glad to say though that my trusty machine is now back and I couldn't wait to catch up on all that I have missed these past couple of days!!!and blog about my dilemma, I even had to pop into the library today to use their computer as I desperately needed someones details from my emails and wasn't sure if my computer was going to be revived at all.

One big thing I have realised is that I can't keep putting off backing up all the thousands of photos that I have so I feel a trip to the shops is on the cards tomorrow to buy a large capacity external hard drive!!!!


  1. I save my photos onto a CD, once a month, in fact 2 cds, so they are doubly backed up.
    we are lucky enough to have 4 PCs in the house, (rog is a software engineer) so I never lose access to the internet, although sometimes I think I need to give it a break!

  2. I feel your pain :0) we have recently had a few problems with loss of internet and then my laptop died. I had to just grab a few minutes here and there on my eldest's computer (he was not very pleased!) I really need to back up my photo's though and organise things a bit better. x

  3. Sadly I don't think I could cope without my computer, but like you I'd get so much more done without it x

  4. I would be really annoyed without my computer#1 I do need to back everything up really!! Wishing you a very Happy Easter xxx

  5. oh, I learned the hard way about the importance of a regular back up! I had been meaning to do it for two weeks and had planned to do it, but the day before I suffered a corrupt hard drive and lost a lot of photographs and uni coursework. Luckily, my man is an IT guy and he was able to recover most of it, but I still lost some precious photos and a bit of work! I have three copies of everything now!

    It is true - we achieve so much more without a computer, but I can't resist the internet!

    Hope you are all fixed and sorted now!


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