Sunday, 10 April 2011

One of my bags is featured........

in a charity auction.

I have donated one of my Easter Mini Bags to help raise funds for a brachycephaly helmet for Enes.

Here's what it says over on Emma's (Enes' Mum) Facebook page.....

My name is Emma, my son Enes was born on the 9th october 2010 and is now 5 months old.Enes has just been diagnosed with severe Brachycephaly commonly known as flat head syndrome.

Enes needs a specially fitted helmet that he will wear 23 hours a day which will help to correct this problem.This helmet is molded to Ene's head leaving a space around the flattened area so that any growth is channeled into the area.Unfortunately the NHS will not fund treatment and this costs £1950.00 privately. The results once children have been wearing these helmets are fantastic,Enes has had his first consultation and 3-D scan in preparation for his helmet.

Please help us with this worthy cause and help to highlight this problem and so aid other children like Enes.

Any money donated over £1950 will go to the charity headstart4babies who aim to help families on low income provide helmets for their babies.

Enes is the most beautiful and happy little boy so please help us to make a difference, Many Thanks.

Want to find out more????

Pop over to Emma's Facebook page - Enes Brachycephaly Helmet Appeal have a look at all the wonderful items that have been donated for her auction.

Like her page and don't forget to share it with your friends.

Bid on an item that takes your fancy.

I'm sure this won't be Emma's last auction so if you fancy donating an item just pop over to the discussion board on her page and leave a message - that's what I did.....

All the items in this current auction finish TOMORROW (MONDAY).


  1. Tweeting for you and sharing on Facebook.
    I was shocked to see that the NHS doesn't fund the treatment needed!! Amazing when it can afford so many other unnecessary things.

    Your son shares a birthday (Oct 9th) with my sister BTW.
    Off to view your auction.

  2. Well done ~ off to have a look at her FB page x


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