Monday, 6 June 2011

Button Swap

My Button Swap goodies arrived this morning all the way from New South Wales Australia!!! I've never had a parcel from Australia before so I was a little excited to say the least, but I had to be very restrained as we were just going out the door when the postman arrived to take Jack up to to school for his year 6 trip to a PGL adventure holiday. He was very excited this morning and it was smiles all round as we waved him off on the coach. He is in for an thrilling and exhausting week but it is going to feel really strange at home not having him around!!!

When Paul and I got back he tucked into his leftovers Indian lunch and I went off to open my parcel...

See all the way from Australia!!!
My swap partner was Carole from Serendipity, Raindrops and Roses (A Blessed Life!)
Carole and her husband deliver all the post in their rural community so she will deliver my parcel to herself (how cool is that!!!)

Everything beautifully wrapped in pink tissue paper
A gorgeous drawstring bag which Carole tells me for for popping my coffee cup in when I go out but I think I might use it to keep some of my sewing bits in....
Some lovely smelling fabric door hangers
I think I shall pop these on a pretty coat hanger in my wardrobe to keep my clothes smelling of roses.
A thimble (or is it a kiss!!!) and a tiny drawstring bag to keep it in!!
A fuchsia pink notebook for me to write all my ideas and to do lists in.
A lovely card with this inspiring quote
Some "Gorgeous" Milk Chocolate Truffles which I will enjoy later with a cup of tea... edit these were delicious and I even shared them with Rachel!!!
A Vintage pencil tin from the Lake District containing lots of vintage buttons

and finally a paper rose
Here all all my goodies together I can't quite believe that these have travelled half way round the world in less than a week to be delivered right to my doorstep. 

I love everything in my button swap parcel so thank you Carole for being such a great swap partner for my first ever overseas swap and to Lucey at Lemonade Kitty for organising such a great swap in the first place.
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  1. I love all your goodies especially the vintage tin from the lakes how did that end up in Australia?? Thanks for taking part in the button swap, Lucey x

  2. What gorgeous goodies you got! I love that babushka button! And the paper rose is so pretty too x

  3. Hi Tracey,I am so glad you liked your parcel, the little tin is from my school days,we used to get our pencils in them for Christmas mostly so it is from our little op shop I just thought it nice to put the buttons in.The Rose can be put in your bath for a luxurious soak or you can just keep it.I am so happy everything arrived safe,i enjoyed getting it together.xx

  4. What a fabulous parcel and you`re right, it`s great when a package from halfway across the world drops on your doormat. Hooray for Blog Swaps!

  5. What fabulous goodies, great swap :o) Scarlett x

  6. Great goodies, oh my how do i compete with that? ha ha Enjoy the chocolates. xx

  7. Gorgeous items! Lucky lady! :o)

    C x

  8. Ooh such lovely goodies, lucky you. xx

  9. I just had to click through to your blog ... LOVE your blog's name :) {a passion I can totally relate too!}.

    This swap looks like it was so much fun ... goodies abound! :)

    ♥ Cat brideblu


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