Sunday, 5 June 2011

Hot and Cold!!!

Yesterday we finally decided to put up our pool as it's been sooo hot. It takes ages to fill up and is absolutely freezing when we do but for some reason my kids don't feel the cold and jump straight in. Rachel spent all morning pestering us about going in and Tompom kept saying he wanted to go in the "pond".

So at about 10am this morning Tompom emerged with a little help from his big sister looking like this!!!
Now don't be fooled by this lovely looking blue water it came straight from the tap and hadn't even had the chance to be warmed by the sun.

Little toes waiting in anticipation...
You can tell how cold it is from the look on her face!!!
I'm ready!!!



I'm not cold honestly!!!

Jack decided to join in the fun and immediately wished he hadn't!!!
They stayed in for about 15 mins and needed hot chocolates and warm clothes on to recover!!!

Saying all that though it didn't stop Paul, Rachel and Jack going in again later on in the day, where there was a some of this...
Plenty of that...

And smiles all round...

Needless to say I kept watch from a safe distance (mainly my workshop) and shall only be venturing in the pool on very, very hot days and wearing my wetsuit after I have unearthed from the garage!!!

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  1. What brave children you have!! But you don't feel the cold when you're young and having fun, I think we could all do with a pool as the last few days have been roasting, Lucey x

  2. fabulous pictures, so good I was actually shivering with them! Kids and water! It will not be long before I get my paddling pool out for Jack our scottie - the other dogs just use it as a giant drinking bowl! lol!

  3. Hope you get to use today as well - we have rain! i othered to get ours out but my kids are not as hardy as yours! It looked like they had lots of fun! x

  4. oh thanks for that post, it made me giggle all the way to the end - just look at those cute happy but shocked faces, just wonderful!

  5. I love the way kid's try to put on a brave face for the photos, hehe xx

  6. Oh my gosh how cute to see such reactions to that cold water! Think you had the right idea hiding in your workshop x


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