Thursday, 16 June 2011

Summer Swap Goodies

Like lots of you I signed up for Beki's Summer swap and was partnered with the lovely Julie over at KC'S Court (which is a fab name for a blog - it pretty much describes our house most days!!!).
Yesterday I received my swap goodies from Julie and as Julie is new to swapping she was a little worried about her parcel but as all of you lovely ladies know it isn't about the amount that's sent it's about the sending and receiving and the thought and care that goes into Carole (my button swap partner) said "I'd be happy to receive a postcard!". So here are some pictures of what Julie sent...

My fabric wrapped parcel tied with pink ribbon

I love the idea that the wrapping is a present too!

Giant buttons - one purple one red - I can't wait to use these in one of my projects

These note cards are of a cross stitch sampler that Julie made, photographed and printed.
(I might just have to "borrow" this idea!!!)

A packet of mixed seeds - now I have explained to Julie that I am not much of a gardener
(too heavy handed with the secateurs and not too regular with the watering can I'm afraid) but I have been looking at these mixed seed packs every time I visit the garden centre and now I have some I can give them a try.

How fab are these chocolate insects - the kids and I shared them last night whilst watching Waterloo Road..nom nom
I always say that I wish blogger had a smell button because if they did you would be able to smell the gorgeous lavender in this beautiful handmade heart.

And finally a delicate purple butterfly (he's waiting for me to plant the seeds so he can flutter on by them!)

Here's a picture of all my summer swap goodies together which just leaves me to say thank you to Julie for being such a great swap partner it turns out that Julie grew up not far from me here in Essex and now lives in Minehead just around the corner from my friend, so next time I'm down in Minehead I might just pop round to a cuppa!!!

Also a big thank you to Beki for organizing such a fab swap
I know Julie has now received her parcel so here is a little collage of what I sent her....
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  1. Looks like your son had a great time! It must of been if it brought on an early night!

    Loved all your swap goodies the butterfly is really pretty. And the cards are a really good idea.

    Just read your last post not sure how I missed it. Hope the bathroom makeover is going well. It sounds like it will be a lovely space when you have finished.

    MBB x


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