Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Monthly Makes - June

There is a definite theme to this month's makes and that is all things Welsh....
Despite being born in Essex and only being half Welsh doesn't dampen Jack's enthusiasm for Wales. He has previously told people that he was born in Swansea!!! and would prefer to cheer on Wales rather than England in whichever sport they are playing so this has prompted me to start the
Neat Ripple Blanket
featured over at Attic 24, I had previously tried a sample piece for this pattern and what i love is that once the pattern is in your head then you are away... As this is my first real (big) crochet project and I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out I picked up some large balls of DK from my local charity shop (at £1.30 a ball it doesn't matter if Jack takes one look and it and pokes out his tongue!!) There was obviously only three choices of colours and that was red, white and green.He wants his bedroom decorated soon and I have seen some Wales bedding so am hoping that the blanket will look great at the end of the bed.
Even though it is acrylic the wool is easy to use and has already started to drape well.
Don't you just love that wavy stripe?
The Welsh theme continued with the one of the cushions that I made for Paul for Father's Day, I opted for the traditional red white and green for this one and have now got to make two more, one for Jack and one for Tomas. Tomas keeps asking where his cushion is so as he is at pre-school tomorrow morning I may just get another cushion finished.
Rachel didn't want to be left out but as the red, white and green wouldn't go well in her bedroom I made up a shabby chic version with some fabrics that I had in my workshop and finished it off with a pink dragon.

I'm really pleased with how it's turned out and it's definitely more girly that the traditional one.
I also picked up so lovely soft merino wool in Hobbycraft to start another blanket for Rachel and I'm trying desperately hard not to even get the wool out of the bag because once I do it will be on the hook and I shall have two blankets on the go at once. Right I off to finish one more stripe before bedtime....


  1. hi tracy, its bad news joy again! loving the blog, but cant see the pictures!

  2. hi joy thanks for letting me know I've uploaded them again so hopefully you can see them all now!!!

  3. great waves... do i need to find something welsh.... x

  4. pictures fine now tracy, and lovely work, well done.


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