Sunday, 19 June 2011

Father's Day

This post is for Paul, the best Daddy in the world.....

Rachel popped some of those money tissues in her card it's probably the only time she'll be giving money not asking for it.
I have come to the conclusion that I work better under pressure and you can't get more pressure than making cushions the night before can you??? Paul has been asking for months for me to make a union jack cushion and a welsh flag cushion and I just kept putting off doing them always making/starting something else first or using the excuse that I didn't have the right fabrics!!! Well like most men he isn't easy to buy presents for and although we had a couple of small things for him I was stuck for ideas. On Friday/Saturday he hinted that I must have been burning the midnight oil in my workshop making his cushions (I hadn't I'd been crocheting in front of the TV) so last night I set about the task of making two cushions and instead of fannying about I just got on with it and cut out a dragon made stripes and started sewing. Needless to say it was a bit of a late one but he was chuffed with his cushions
 and now I've got to make the kids a welsh flag one each (pink for Rachel and red for the boys). I was a bit worried that the union jack one was a bit girly but wanted to keep with the green and red theme as it is to go in the orangery on the green chesterfield.

You can't see it very well but the red felt is glittery for just that little bit of sparkle!!!
I have to say having now cut out three dragons (only one more to go) my thumb was a little sore from the scissors!!!
Rachel has also put in an order for a pink/green one of these - I knew there was a reason I bought all those cushion pads...

After opening his presents we all sat down to a lovely full english breakfast made by yours truly

We have spent the day just taking it easy and we're looking forward to a lovely roast lamb dinner in about a hour...
I hope all you Daddy's/Dad's have had a great day!
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  1. the cushions are great. the dragon is so perfectly cut! well done. xxx

  2. Wow - that dragon looks amazing :)

    Love the money tissues - where did you find those??

  3. Thank you for coming to say hello yesterday!!

    Victoria xx


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