Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Wednesday Weekly Woundup

Sorry should say round up but i couldn't think of anything else to that started with a W to describe my lacking of posting and this catch up post..
I've started so many posts (alright I only started one in blogger but lots in my head!) this past week but time has been against me so this is a quick reminder of what I have been doing. As most of you know last week Jack was away on his year 6 PGL trip and on Friday we trundled up to school to wait for their coach to arrive bringing them home... Jack was first off the coach and from the huge smile on his face he had had a great time/was pleased to see us!

He was extremely tired after his adventure and after a quick tea and a bombardment of questions from us as to what he had been up to he took himself off for an early night!!!

Needless to say the weekend involved a lot of washing!!!

Paul and I decided that as the builders were arriving on Monday morning to start of the bathroom revamp we'd give them a head start by getting all the tiles off the walls, removing the shower cubicle and stripping the walls.
Under the lining paper I found the paint samples from the previous owners...
some rather unusual choices, especially the day-glo green.

When we moved into this house back in 2002 the lady that lived here was very into paint effects (there were different ones in each room) and the bathroom was painted in stripes with a seaside theme here are the last remnants that I found under the lining paper. It doesn't look too bad in this small section but in the whole room it was a little overpowering!!
and if you think that's bad then you should have seen the room that Jack's now in, they had three boys sharing the room and each wall was painted in a different scene, farmyard, circus and even the ceiling was painted blue with clouds. It took several coats of white just to get it back to a blank canvas.
We don't always have a chair in the shower although after a hectic day if would be nice just to sit there and let the water fall all over you!!!
One bathroom, stripped, detiled and ready for action...

Whilst we were emptying the huge cupboards that are in the bathroom (they are like the tardis as the go back over the stairs) I found a load of quilts that I had completely forgotten about so I took them downstairs to give them a wash a little later I found Tomas tucked up on the floor in the kitchen (no he's not really asleep just pretending!)

The builders arrived early Monday morning and work began in earnest, Tompom was most upset when on Tuesday they "broke" his bedroom by taking up the floorboards to lay a cable for the new electric shower!! Although I have to say the Lee the builder left the room tidier that Tompom (and me) had all week.
So now I have a new shower tray, new tiles, we kept the old bathroom suite and a new radiator we're not quite finished as the tile adhesive needs to set before they can grout and fit the shower cubicle but it is all look very grownup and I can't wait to try out the new shower!!! I shall post some photos after Monday once they have been back to finish off and I have been into town to buy new fluffy towels.
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  1. What a beautiful head of hair Thomas has!

    I am loving the colour reveals - I know I shouldn't but what an adventure! lol!


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