Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Garden Makeover - Day 2

There I was happily snoring away on Tuesday morning when I was rudely awoken to "Come on get up the builders are here!!" No I hadn't overslept it was 6.30AM (yes AM) and they were there in my front garden getting as much use out of the digger before it was to be collected later that day...
Also very early today we had the slabs, edging bricks and cement delivered, can't wait to see what the sandstone looks like!
Well the patio has well and truly gone now and as you can see we have also decided to have the house and garage painted, so along came Dal the dab hand with a paint brush to help. The house was painted for the first time when we moved in in 2002 and we have had a porch added and new windows since then and it was really surprising how lovely and fresh it looks in the sunshine after its new coat of mushroom paint.
You can just see here what the house looked like originally as next door haven't painted theirs

This area down by the gates looks enormous at the moment and the railway sleepers are there waiting to tidy up my flower beds, all the type 1 has been rolled and whackered and the trench dug for the railway sleepers that will edge the grass side of the drive.

The boys also made us a lovely (if somewhat huge) flower bed up by the patio using railway sleepers apparently it is the same size as the original bed but now with the height from the sleepers it looks massive. I think its going to cost a fortune to fill with plants, luckily last year our local garden centre was having a half price day and I managed to buy some largish shrubs so may use those. If anyone has any suggestions for plants to use then that would be great...
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