Sunday, 7 March 2010

Happy Birthday to me......

Happy Birthday to ME......I can't quite believe it but today I turned 40...yes 40...gasp!!! Where has the time gone, where did all these grey hairs come from...and who are these three kids running around my house..I'm not old enough to have kids, especially one at secondary school and one under 2 and one in between who will be taller than me in no time at the rate he's growing.
I just wanted to share some of my birthday gifts with you today I've been really lucky this year and have some fabulous presents to show you. I received a lovely watch from my Mum and Dad (no excuse for being late now!!!) and a necklace from my sister, money from my Nan which I used to buy another necklace over at floralbankjewellery, two lovely bunches of flowers,
a friendship notice board
My darling husband bought my a new digital SLR camera which I have coveted for a few years now, I've got a nice shiny new Nikon D40x which comes with two lenses and lots of buttons and bits and bobs and i will now be photographing anything and everything that I can, below are two photos that I took today!!!

My three wonderful children bought me a new camcorder to capture all their antics, so I think all in all a very happy and wonderful birthday all round....


  1. A belated Happy Birthday, it sounds as though you have a lovely day with some great presents.

  2. glad you had a lovely birthday love the flowers

  3. Happy Birthday! lovely pressies
    Josie x

  4. Happy 40th Birthday!! I'm not far behind you. 40 in a couple of weeks. Sounds like you had some fab presents. 40 is the new 30 anyway!!

  5. Happy birthday!
    The age of 40 can be great:
    We are getting old only in our head.


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