Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Garden Makeover - Day 3

Today (wednesday) has had a slower pace to it, the past two days have been hectic and there seems to have been major changes to the garden and lots of lorries coming and going.
Nearly all of the 40 railway sleepers are now in place and as you can see from this photo I took from the bathroom the drive is now edged.

Below is one of the existing flower beds up near the gates and this is going to need a good weed to get rid of the last of the grass. It's looking a little wild at the moment, I need to put up some trellis on the fence to train the pyracantha, and I think there are two other shrubs at the back there that will need a little taming too. I did lose one shrub off this near end it but it looks some much tidier now. There is still a little more type 1 to go down and then finally the shingle.
I can't believe what a difference just one coat of paint has made, the house looks fresher and cleaner and we have finally painted the lead flashing under the windows black, after my several past attempts at green, black and just plain old grey!!!
Our front garden has the hump!! due to the old drain, the kids love to ride their bikes over it and it sort of peters out as it reaches the road. It means that we have had to raise the step slightly in one corner but I have some topsoil left over and where all those plants are now temporarily I will try and level out that bit so that you won't see as much of the sleeper. It's really weird as it dips then rise again under the window. Ben and Lee have laid a tiered bed under the window and I can now put in some lovely shrubs and plants. It's always looked a little folorn there as the bed it quite big and a bit sparce.
Talking of big beds, here is a picture of the enormous bed at the front of the patio, everyone just used to walk over the old bed has it had no edging and hardly any plants but they definitely won't be climbing over this bed now. I can't wait to sort adding plants to this area if you have any suggestions or favourites let me know otherwise you find me wandering up and down the garden centre not knowing what to buy...

Work has already started on the front step and I then tomorrow weather permitting I think they're off round the back of the house to start on the path and step out from the orangery...
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