Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Garden Makeover!!! Part 1 Before......

We're having a garden makeover, all the rain and snow over the past few months has made us realise that our drive is too narrow and we are forever getting muddy shoes when we get out of the car and hubby thinks he is a park keeper by shouting "GET OFF THE GRASS!!" at us all the time.
Now my darling hubby doesn't like to do things by halves so not only are we having the driveway widened we are also having a new patio and path laid as well. So on Monday Ben our builder arrived at 7am to start. These are the photos that I took to show the before.

This is the view from the house

and from the road
and our lovely (not!!) patio - no wonder we never sit out here!!!
and the front of the house with its lovely new porch door which means we can actually use the front door as a front door instead of using the back door (which is actually at the side of the house so is technically a side door - but you know what I mean!!!)

I think over the next two weeks my blog posts are going to be mainly a progress report as too how we (I mean the builders) are getting along with a little crafting in between if I can tear myself away from taking photos....
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  1. It may be a bit grim at the moment but it's a good size. Can't wait to see the 'after' pictures.


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