Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Rain Stops Play

Why is it that as soon as the builders decided to leave today the sun came out!!!
Both yesterday and today have been a wash out on the garden front but it is slowly coming together. I have taken a few photos of the path around the orangery and it has made a real difference as it seems to have pulled the buildings together.
This is my new front step, I have a lovely fossil leaf in the top middle one, we now have to touch up the paint on the small walls and add some plants.
One of my friends was saying that her husband would like to see some photos of our back garden and was asking about my workshop. Well here it is, looking more shabby than chic I'm afraid. I really need to get the dark oak stain out again and give it a coat and then when the builders have fimished the patio they are going to add guttering and waterbutts and hopefully it will look a little better.
I'm really pleased with the back step and path and can't wait till we knock through so that we can start using this new room.
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  1. It is looking lovely and so envious of your workshop. I am really pleased you liked your swap gifts, it was a pleasure making them for you.x

  2. What a huge garden you have, I envy it as I have a tinsy-wincy garden! x The work is going well, the steps are lovely!

  3. what a lovely garden and workshop you have, I shall be blogging about builders in a month or so, if we can ever get quotes from them!
    watch my blog.


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