Monday, 26 April 2010

Battle of wills!!!

There has been a battle taking place in our house tonight - a battle of wills!!!. the will of a tired 40 year old mum and that of a 2 year old double ginger gened little boy. Tompom managed to climb out of his cot yesterday and did a grand job of landing the right way up and looking very pleased with himself. I was hoping it was an early one-off attempt at escaping but no he has had a taste of freedom and tonight went for it with great aplomb!! face first on the floor. This didn't put him off and although he was shattered he decided he didn't want to stay in bed and climbed out again. I let him come downstairs for a little while thinking he'll be so tired when i put him back he'll just fall asleep. No such luck! Out he came face first again...

I then opted for plan B which was a couple of duvets on the floor and his blankets and toys, that's when the battle of wills commenced and I tried my best supernanny approach - no eye contact, no talking just picking up a screaming wriggly two year old and attempting to put him back into his makeshift bed without him pinching me with his little nipper fingers. This went on for quite awhile back and forth back and forth. Lots of screaming and coughing on his part and lots of silence on my part. We reached an impasse at one stage of the battle with me sitting at the top of the stairs trying to ignore the fact that he was lying in the doorway of his bedroom behind me. Finally when i couldn't ignore him anymore I picked him up and popped him into his makeshift floor bed and he finally stayed there and eventually fell asleep. Hooray I hear you cry 1-0 to the mummy!!! Tomorrow I'm off out to buy a bed and a stairgate for the door and hopefully this battle of wills will be over soon without to much bloodshed!!!

Here a picture of the said Terror Tot looking rather angelic after the bath.......


  1. he looks so gorgeous, I have 2 gingers, now 19 and 21 and they are lovely xx
    well done though, for winning the first battle, and a bed for him is definitely a good idea, to make him feel "grown up" xx

  2. Sounds like someone is well and truly ready for a big bed! That stair gate sounds like a must too - only hope he doesn't climb over it.

  3. Gorgeous boy!!! Make the most of him!!!!!!!!

  4. Hello,
    Thank you for the lovely comment about my blogging break.
    I have just seen on Crafty Helen's blog that we are swap partners!
    My email address should be visible so please email me so we can swap info! xxxx

  5. Just wanted to pop by and wish you luck with the bedtime battles. They seem to be forever going on in my house. I also have a couple of red headed children (well little sweetpea is more strawberry blonde) and I am a red head too so know how willful we can be :-)


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