Monday, 12 April 2010

a busy week - part 2

Whilst Ben the Builder was here last week one of his jobs was to put up the guttering on my workshop (one of those jobs that on a list of things to do but never gets done) and whilst he was measuring up he had a quick nosey inside as the last time he had seen this room it was full of canaries.(paul's old birdroom) Not anymore it is now well and truly stuffed with fabric, ribbons and much more!!! I showed him a couple of the bags that I had made and one of them was from the In the Night Garden curtains and he was telling me how much his youngest son loves Iggle Piggle so I thought it only fair that he had a little bag all of his own so this is what I made....
Iggle Piggle on one side....
Maka Paka and the Tombliboo's on the other
I lined it with some fabulous Ikea stripe fabric which gives it a really fresh crisp feel....
Now Ben the Builder has two sons so I couldn't make one without the other, so I found out that Ben's older son has justed started getting into Starwars and made this more grown up drawstring bag for his lightsabre and figures.

Apparently the bags went down a storm.
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  1. Tracy,
    They are fab, I bet Ben the Builder's wife wishes he told you about her too lol.


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