Wednesday, 28 April 2010

feeling guilty, and a bit sorry for myself...

how do you explain to your older children that you can't play, talk or do anything with them this evening as their two year old brother just won't stay in his bed???
as many of you have seen from my previous post a battle of gigantic proportion has started in our house now that Tompom can escape from his cot, and although I did win the first battle and he did go off to sleep in his cot last night, tonight was a different story altogether.
Tompom decided that he definitely didn't want to go in his cot and he definitely didn't want to go in his bed and he definitely didn't want to go to sleep. What he did want to do is keep coming out of his room and crying for everyone to come and get him. At one stage he launched himself at me from halfway down the stairs whilst i was on the bottom few steps, no wonder I'm going grey!!!. This went on for over an hour and a half and by which time we were both completely exhausted but only one of us was actually asleep. This hasn't been helped by the fact that I've come down with a sore throat and head cold and feel and look as rough as old boots!!!
Rachel and Jack were fabulous during this time and kept themselves amused with a half played game of scrabble and an episode of Waterloo Road. But I just feel guilty most of the time as i never seem to be able to do all the things that everyone would like me to do. Jack keeps asking if i'll play football, rugby, tennis, basketball etc but not only does he want to play these sports properly (i'm not a great one for being tackled to the ground) he always manages to ask me when I'm at my busiest. I did say that I'm going to get out all the old photo's and videos of me playing in the garden with the kids over the years just to prove I'm not the boring old f**t they think I am....... I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels like this and I know it won't last forever but sometimes I wish i could split myself into several more of me and that would make life at lot easier...if anyone has any miracles up their sleeves then please let me know....
right I'm taking my tired, weary old body up to bed now, ready for round 4 tomorrow!!!


  1. you might not think this is a particularly good idea, but I just thought about trying to think out of the box. instead of putting tompom to bed ahead of the others, why not tell him that if he has his wash/bath, whatever and gets his jimjams on he can sit down and play quietly with the others, I'm sure you could probably find something that would suit all three? I think he just feels he is missing out on something by being sent up to bed.

  2. Oh dear! I can offer you no help! My daughter was difficult in the same way when she was a tot ~ you have my sympathy! Mind you she is 25 now and she does not do it anymore! lol! Sending you a big {{{{HUG}}}} x

  3. I'm afraid I too can offer no advice my babies are now a week away from 7 and 5 and I still have issues with sleep. (Don't want to add to your stress there!) Mine now go to bed fine but awake several times in the night to get in bed with us, seriously it's like musical beds and I really need to break the cycle, it's just having the willpower to do it!


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