Monday, 12 April 2010

A busy week - part 1

Its been pretty hectic here over the past week or so but we had some glorious weather and have achieved a lot!! Firstly the builders arrived the first Saturday of the Easter Holidays and worked sooo hard to get all the driveway, patio and landscaping finished. They finally finished at 8pm on Tuesday and boy did they look fit to drop!!! We're extremely pleased with the final outcome and as always with these things details were tweaked along the way to achieve the best result. There's lots of planting to be done and we have already had one trip to the garden centre and have planted up the bed by the gate and have added lots of colour to the pots by the front door.
Here's Paul enjoying the sunshine on his new patio....
The new driveway now has plenty of room for visitors and no more lunchtime parking tickets!!! we live on a no through road close to one of the main routes into London and before the lunchtime parking restriction people who car shared often left their cars in the lane outside, unfortunately due to the parking restriction and lack of space on the old drive both I and friends have been caught out with a nasty £30 fine for parking outside our own house!!!! Not anymore!!!!
The new front step is fabulous (we were really unsure how it would turn out) but it really draws you into the front door.
The house looks sparkling with its fresh coat of paint and all the lead and pipes painted black.

We're still very much in that state of awe you have when something is newly finished and you can't help just looking at it and admiring it and want it all to stay just as it is..... I'm sure that will wear off soon and then we can really enjoy our new patio.....
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  1. it all looks gorgeous, well done. having builders in can be really stressful, but the end result is well worth it. we are just about to start down that route, so I am looking positive towards the end, when I'll have my very own studio at the bottom of the garden.

  2. It all looks lovely, well worth all the hard work.

  3. That is all so lovely, can I move in, I am an excellent lodger! :)


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