Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter Egg Hunt & Nits!!!

Our local Country Park holds some great craft/nature days and today was no exception, we were off in search of the Easter Bunny.
It has rained quite a bit over the past few days and we were advised by the rangers to wear wellies and old clothes and boy were they right. It was very squelchy and squidgy but lots of fun. Firstly we picked up our twig pencils (Rachel and Jack loved these and I was on strict instructions to keep them safe to take home) and our clue sheet, then it was off into the woods to follow the Easter Bunny Trail and answer questions on which animals lay eggs. There were a few tricky ones likes snails and worms which we found out today do in fact lay eggs. This trail led us to a tent where we collected our hens eggs to paint and as you can see the kids enjoyed this. Although one little boy (not one of mine thank god) did try to eat his hard boiled egg paint and all!!
Then it was time to grab a spoon and head off on an egg and spoon race and to meet the Easter Bunny.
And this is where we found her and she wished us a Happy Easter and gave the children a creme egg each.
After we had all eaten our creme eggs it was off into the woods to climb trees, walk in streams, jump in puddles and generally get wet, muddy and tired. I think Tompom fell over so many times he gave up worry about it in the end.
I took loads off photos of the kids in the woods and had a great time experimenting with my new camera so when we got home I couldn't wait to upload them to the computer. So Rachel sat at the computer with me standing behind her when I saw that she had a few bits of what I thought were dirt in her hair, on closer inspection I found out it wasn't dirt but that she has nits, big nits!!! So out came the Hedrin and the nit comb and we have all hopefully be deloused!!!!
Hope you all having a very Happy Easter!!
I'm now off to write more clues for tomorrows Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt in the garden...

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