Friday, 23 April 2010

Blink and you'll miss it...

Did you see it? Boy it was fast....what am I talking about I hear you ask - my week!!! where did it go, one minute it was Monday and now it's Friday. All those things (i.e crafty) that I was going to get done this week because the kids were back at school (well two of them anyhow) just haven't even been started, I did go into my workshop but that was only to quickly grab some bag handles that I had sold in my Misi shop before rushing off and picking the kids up from school and dropping the package off at the post office on the way. I can't decide if I had acheived a great deal this week or not, some housework has been done, some washing and ironing has been washed and ironed and even put away, some last minute swimming costume buying too but there seems to have been an awful lot of chasing a two year old around the garden going on. This must be why I feel completely knackered by 9pm and my brain won't function to even contemplate picking up a needle and thread.
On a positive note the weather has been glorious, the garden is taking shape and I am gradually working through the "TO DO" list. (alright more things get added than crossed off but at least some are being crossed off).
I did find this really fab blog tutorial for anyone that uses Picasa and have changed my blog banner as the picture didn't fit before, this was just a very quick mock up but this new technique means that I can keep updating the banner and maybe even make a new banner for my shops etc You can read Clover Lane's tutorial here. Also her blog is full of stories about family, life and more so go and take a peek. Right that's me done I spent far too much time reading Clover Lan's blog and now its time for bed. Hope you all have a great weekend....


  1. joyknitt loves the new heading, will certainly be reading how to do it, thanks
    joy xx

  2. Lovely new header.
    Have a great weekend, put the jobs off for next week now!

  3. Hi again - you don't necessarily have to subscribe to a blog - you can just leave comments, as you did on mine. I just tag them as my favourites on the browser tool bar, as you would any web page. I'm not quite sure about the 'following' thing myself, to be honest!


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