Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Fabulous Family Fun - Tilbury Fort

Today we decided to visit Tilbury Fort, none of us have been before, although I do remember as a small child standing on the sea wall outside watching the big ships go past and seeing the guns on the other side of the fence. Tilbury Fort has an amazing history dating back to 16th century, the first fort was built by Henry VIII. As you can see the weather was glorious but a little windy. When you arrive at the fort you get given a free audio guide and can listen to lots of interesting facts about what happened here during WWII. Below is the parade square and you can really imagine a Dill Sergeant shouting out orders to the men.

Here are Rachel and Jack finding out lots of information on their audio guides.

Because of the way is was built and all the underground storage magazines for the ammunition there were plenty of hills to roll down.
This was Jack's favourite part, the wooden bridge, but sadly you can't actually walk on it now due to health and safety but apparently it used to be the entrance to the fort and you also used to be able to pay to fire one of the guns!!! how cool would that have been!

We enjoyed our picnic in the grounds and the kids spent over three hours running up and down and in and out of tunnels and looking at memorabilia. We spoke with the young girl on the ticket desk and found out that she has actually lived at the fort since she was nine, and that three families live at the site in the officers quarters, that must have been a fantastic childhood growing up here, but maybe a little spooky at night though!!!
Once we had completely worn ourselves out we bought some ice-creams and headed for the sea wall to see some huge ships coming down the Thames and into the docks.
All in all its been a fabulous day today, everyone is suitably shattered and its early nights all round....
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  1. Sounds lovely :0)

    Popping in quickly to thank you so much for your very touching comment on my post, meant so much to me, I truly thank you for leaving me such wonderful, caring words X

  2. pleasure to find such a good artical! please keep update!! ........................................

  3. I lived in essex for the first 36 years of my life (20 years in epping, 16 in ongar/fyfield) and never knew there was a fort at tilbury. sounds like just the sort of day my kids would have loved!

  4. Lovely blog, just popped over to say Hi when I saw you were now following my blog! So Hello and I look forward to reading more! Justine x

  5. Just popped by to say hello as we are swap partners.

  6. I've lived in Essex all my life and did not know that there was a fort at Tilbury!!! I meant to tell you on your last post, you have 3 gorgeous kids!!!

  7. Just a quick thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. Made my day :o) I love your bright photos here - looks like you all had great fun xox


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