Sunday, 1 May 2011

Another milestone reached......

Rachel celebrated her 13th Birthday today
I can't quite believe that I am now the proud mother of a teenage daughter
I can tell she's growing up as she now wants flowers and chocolates as part of her presents and just like me the chocolates didn't last beyond lunchtime!!!
After much umming and ahhing over what she would like for her birthday Rachel chose a violin! We managed to pick up a super bargain on ebay to get her started and after a few tutorial videos off you tube she has been practising "up pony down pony" - what ever that may be!!!!
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  1. Happy birthday to your lovely teenage daughter, Lucey xx

  2. Happy Birthday to your daughter, I know how you feel my daughter turned 13 in December :) x

  3. Happy Birthday to your teenage girly xx

  4. Happy Birthday to your darling girl, I am your button swap partener and looking so forward to getting your package together,I am a buttonaholic so I am sure I can share some with you lol..your lovely little fellow looks so cute off to preschool a lovely time .I am looking for you email being a little dumb I will just put mine on here for you to send your information and then I can reply(thats what happens when you are over the hill,can't fathom some things out ) lol. Carole

  5. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter! It is a real milestone when they hit their teens isn't it! The table looks beautiful with the flowers on! love Annie x


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