Sunday, 22 May 2011

As Busy as a BEE.......

Or in this case as busy as several thousand bees...!

On Friday afternoon I went into Rachel's room to find about 20-30 honey bees dozily try to make their way to her window, they had come into her room via the fireplace, which we had boarded up due to a similar problem with wasps late last summer (we were advised that as it was nearly the end of the season they would just go away).
I let all the bees out of the window and went to look at the chimney stack to see that several hundred bees were swarming about up their.
Speaking to our neighbours we found out that they had lots of wasps in their front room too so we decided to light a fire in the living room and Rachel's room to see if we could get them to move on.
This seemed to work as the numbers died down, so we boarded up Rachel's fireplace again and kept a fire going in the living room.
All good so far we thought...
that was until Saturday when Rachel said "Whats that?" looking out of the window we saw thousands of bees swarming around the trees and bushes on our boundary, with a mad dash we all ran around closing the windows and doors as quickly as we could.
Within minutes they all seemed to have disappeared Paul went out into the farmers field to see if he could see them and this is what he saw

How amazing is that - I just couldn't resist getting a photograph or two!!

Our neighbour spoke with pest control from the council who said that they were scout bees around the chimney and that they were looking for somewhere to stop and that they would all probably move on from the tree.

Well the good news was that in the evening they did decide to move on but the bad news was that they only got as far as the chimney stack...

A swarm of bees generates a terrifying noise and we made another made dash around the house to close the windows for the second time.

We also lit more fires adding yew tree branches to give off lots of smoke.

Today we think they may have finally buzzed off as there is no sign of them on the chimney stack, haven't checked the tree yet but fingers crossed they have found somewhere nicer to live!!!.
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  1. What an amazing sight, although I wouldn't want them living in my chimney or so close to the house so I do hope they have moved on now!

  2. Wow what a sight! I love bees lots but in that quantity even I would be wary! I hope they stay away from your home. We had a horrible incident with my two sons falling into a huge wasps nest and being covered ~ so very scary!
    Kandi x

  3. Wow, that's a lot of bees! I hope they find somewhere else to live :) x

  4. well there is a worldwide shortage of bees, seems as if they have all made for your place. hope they haven't gone TOO far away, so they can come back and germinate all your veg.

  5. Wow that's frightening but exciting at the same time to see a hive of bees. Hope they've got the message and don't come back, Lucey x


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