Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Getting my A**e in Gear!!

Recently my Mr Site website came up for renewal and I was in two minds about keeping it going.

So I made a list of Pro's and Con's...

  • its has the email address that I use for all my crafty/bag making
  • it's fairly easy to use
  • it cost £35 per year
  • i never update it
  • i never visit it
  • i never check the stats
  • i don't think anyone else visits it either!!!
as you can see not really such the dilemma I thought it was going to be so saving myself £35 per year I have opened a new hotmail email account and  have not renewed my contract with Mr Site.

Obviously this now means I really must get my A**E in gear as I used the website as a showcase of bags that I have made and sold and also...
  1. I stopped selling on Misi after their blip earlier on this year (still in two minds whether to return or not)
  2. my Etsy store is empty (not sure about this one as I can't compete with the low prices in the States - although it is a top selling place for lots of people)
  3. my Folksy store items ended and i didn't realise so now need to be relisted
  4. my newly opened Wow Thank You store has been sitting empty since I joined last month
which means that no-one is seeing my bags or buying them so tonight after sorting out the email changes
  1.  I have listed a couple of bags in my Wow Thank You shop (you can use the link in my sidebar to pop over and take a look)
and tomorrow (and probably over the next few weeks) I am going to

  1. add a buying page to my blog
  2. list more bags in Wow Thank You and promote the site
  3. relist some items in Folksy and add more bag making goodies for all you lovely bag makers
  4. have a good think about Etsy and Misi
  5. add more bag photos to facebook and picasa and promote these
  6. list some of my overflowing fabric stash on ebay
  7. start making so more bags to add to all these wonderful places 
so you see I really am getting my A**E in gear - anyone care to join me!!!!


  1. It's difficult isn't it? All the photographing, uploading, writing of discriptions etc, so time consuming. So well done you and keep up the good work.

  2. I find it really difficult to keep up with all the places I list the felt! I really should make a list like yours and methodically work through it! good Luck ;-D

  3. Hiya
    I’m just sending out a quick message to let people know their Faith Hope and Charity Swapping partners. Days of spreedsheet fiddling I tell you, if this works it’s going on my CV! I won’t have access to a PC from Tues 31st until June 6th – so any questions will have to wait til I get back I’m afraid. I’m going to put up a quick post on the rules before I go, but for now you can check out your partner’s blog and start figuring out what they might like.
    Your swap partner is Verity at Miss Ginger Makes
    Thanks for playing along!


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