Friday, 27 May 2011

Kitchen Makeover - Part 2 - Ripping Out & Making Good

I'd forgotten just how hectic January was for us this year in the first week we had the final two wooden windows replaced and the new oak porch added to the back door and no sooner had that finished the builders arrived again to start on the kitchen. It was rather a manic couple of days if I remember rightly as I only had one day to box up and empty the kitchen and I think I was still finishing off when the builders arrived early in the morning.

This post shows the kitchen space with all the units removed.

See I hadn't quite finished tidying everything away, well they did want bacon sandwiches didn't they???

More progress with the first fix for the electrics, trying to decide where I wanted all those sockets!!!

The ceiling had to come down again for the electrics but this was an easy job (shes says not having had to do it!) as the panels had been screwed in place..

The big machinery was out today because the old floor tiles had to come up and trenches dug out for new water pipes and the gas pipe for the hob. We also found that part of the floor wasn't level so that had to come up to and then all be levelled off ready for my lovely new flooring.

It's starting to look more like a room again now with the last of the plasterboard going up.

The rsj's are finally boxed in...

This last picture shows what I was using for a washing up bowl in the very very cold garage that was our makeshift kitchen as well as the storage room for the builders tools etc, thank god for good friends, takeaways and launderettes!!!

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  1. as the old song goes "oh yes, I remember it well".
    I bet you're glad its all over now, I'm looking forward to part 3.
    joy xx

  2. Gee whiz - can`t believe you had to live amongst all that!Can`t wait to see it all finished and can we have more pics of Ben the Builder, please?!!


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