Wednesday, 11 May 2011

You should have warned me...

about how addictive hexie's are!!!

In my last post I mentioned that Ruth and I were going to make a start on this project

Never of us had made hexie's before but having read up on a few books and taken a peek at a few blogs we were ready for the challenge. Ruth had popped into town on Monday to see if she could buy a template but neither Hobbycraft or Franklins had what we were looking for. A quick search of the Internet and I found a site where you can print of hexies on an A4 sheet to whatever size you like. We wanted ours quite small (even though the lady in Franklins thought that they would be too fiddly) so I printed off two sheets of 0.75" hexagons.

So our first job was to cut out our paper templates, what I found funny was our different methods, Ruth cut all the excess paper off from the sides first and cut hers in rows and I just cut mine out a bit randomly so was left with the last few in a bunch..

Next was the best bit going through my fabric scraps to find the right colours and patterns, Ruth decided she wanted to make the cushion for her daughter so she chose denim for the cushion and lots of different colours for her hexagons. I decided that I wanted to make a cushion for me so I'm plumping for either green or cream corduroy for my cushion and autumnal colours for my hexagons.

Here our differences showed up big time with Ruth choosing random colours mixing bright plains with busy patterns in lots of different colours so from now on I'm calling her Random Ruth!!!
I didn't take any photos last night of Ruth's hexie so will have to ask to take some to show you what I mean..(hint hint Ruth)
As for me I needed some help with teaming my fabric choices together so I cheated completely and used some fabric which had a crazy patchwork effect which I used to make this

so now I just need a T word to describe my method I was thinking Tonal Tracy but I don't think that's quite right anyone know a T word that is the opposite of random???

Right back to the job in hand with the fabrics choices made we got busy cutting and tacking
and even though they were probably a bit small to start a first project with they were totally addictive and both Ruth and I have decided that this is our new "in front of the TV/waiting for the kids/stuck in a jam/whenever we can fit it in" type of crafting.

So now I'm off to watch Waterloo Road with the kids and finish off the rest of the hexagons.

P.S I think my love of hexie's will continue as I already have an idea to make a black and white version of the cushion and also to add a row of hexie's to the turn ups of my favourite jeans...


  1. Glad to see someone else has caught the bug, I posted about my new love of hexies yesterday.
    Must be something in the air, lol, they are very addictive aren't they?

    B xxx

  2. Can't wait to see what you do with those hexxies
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  3. :) Hexies are very addictive, they hurt the pinkies but the finished effect is so worth it!
    Kandi x

  4. Something I've never tried, but I can see how it could be addictive. I sat on a train one day coming back from Bristol opposite a woman who was doing this, keeping her little bits and bobs in an old tobacco tin.
    The cushion looks great.
    How about Traditional Tracy, Tranquil Tracy, Transcendental Tracy, just for starters?

  5. Tracy i love the cushion and the journal cover,sounds like you both had a lot of fun,well done


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