Saturday, 28 May 2011

Kitchen Makeover - Part 3 - Plastering and Painting

This is a nice short post as it shows what the kitchen looked like once it has been plastered, this also meant that although we had a break from having the builders in it also meant two whole days of painting as I as I was determined to paint the whole room (i know I'm mad!!) as I didn't want to have to paint around the units!!!

There are no pictures of me or the painting as I was just too busy and too exhausted to take any. All I remember is that on the second day of painting I was locked in the kitchen with the radio, the paint and the paint tray and wasn't allowed out. With my cups of tea and lunch being passed through the window!!! I finally finished about 4 o'clock that evening and we all went out and enjoyed a lovely meal at Frankie and Benny's....
I still have a few bits to finish and the skirting to paint and with my lot running in and out all day the nice calico coloured walls are in need of a bit of a touch up but on the whole it does look lovely and clean (ish) and fresh...
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