Wednesday, 18 May 2011

More decoupage....and a cherub!!!

I seem to be enjoying decoupage again at the moment, constantly looking for objects to paint and decorate with pretty papers...
We've had this pencil pot for years, it came free with some pencils and was a very bright green colour, well I found it lurking in my workshop and thought I would give it a makeover.

I used an old tester paint pot, also lurking in my workshop, and some more of the freebie papers that I used of the Ikea drawers.
Here's a photo of each side...

Finally I couldn't resist adding this photo I took of Tompom the other day whilst we were picking Jack up from school. Isn't he just a cherub!!!

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  1. lovely pencil box, and you know how I feel about tompom (but how did you secretly get him to my house to photograph him with cassie?) xx


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