Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Bee Update & Tuesday Night Sewing

Our visiting bees are still enjoying their stay with us and Paul is completely obsessed with checking what they are up to, he is convinced that they are all living in the dip of the roof under the chimney stack which is just out of sight even when you (HE) is perched precariously up a ladder. As they are no longer coming down the chimney and really aren't bothering us we are letting them enjoy their little stay with us until
  1. they decide to buzz off.
  2. they become a health hazard and need to be dealt with asap. or
  3. Paul suddenly decides he would like a new pet (or pets) and buys a hive!!!
I can't see it being number three as bees and wasps seem to like my husband a little too much and give him a bit of a sting to show how much they care!!!

Right that's enough about bees as most of you know Tuesday night is sewing night with my friend Ruth where we chat, eat Frutella chewy sweets, put the world to rights (gossip) and even manage to fit in some sewing...

We continued with our hexies tonight and have sewn quite a few together now both of us learning lots of new techniques along the way. I even managed to finish off a couple of swap goodies (sorry no pics as my swap partners might be peeping in). So hopefully next Tuesday we will be able to start on the cushion itself and I promise to take some pictures to show you our progress.

Okay that's me done for tonight, I seem to have broken outlook express so can't access my emails, blogger won't let me comment on any one's blog and I can't decide whether it was the right thing to do to let my mr site website lapse and just concentrate on my on line selling sites (which I have just realised are all completely empty so I really must get my finger out and put some stuff up for sale!!!)

Good Night All!!!!


  1. You're the third person i have seen mention a problem commenting, its working fine for me at the moment but i guess blogger having problems again.

    I am glad you are being so tolerant with the bees, not everyone would be!

  2. I don't think I would be so brave with bee's making a new home near me! :)

    Looking forward to pics of your makes x


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